Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Exorcism 2010

The Last Exorcism image
Theatrical poster The Last Exorcism

Friends i am back with the scary movie  The Last Exorcism 2010 this time.This film is  a treat for horror fans.

Patrick Fabian
Ashley Bell

Directed by:
Daniel Stamm

produced by:
Hostel movie fame  Eli Roth

The Last Exorcism and begin that it was neither a abhorrence flick, or a nice flick.The Last Exorcism is a low budget movie that is similar like  hand-held, documentary appearance as Paranormal Activity (2007), Cloverfield (2008) and The Blair Witch Project (1999).This film suits well for documentary lovers.

Last exorcism images 2010
scary scene

If you  dont believe in ghost stories,then i doubt whether u gonna like this movie or not,at the same time if you believe the ghost stories then i guarantee you that you will love this movie,this movie will scare you like anything.

The Last Exorcism - Trailer

Director Daniel Stamm builds the anxiety slowly.As a scary it is actual effective. Again, it isn’t a edge seat thriller but added a bit-by-bit tension of alarming that leaves you as unbalanced  characters in the story.The performances were neat and  intriguing.This movie is a bit of old fashioned.


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