Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Justin Theroux was engaged with Aniston

After her break up with Brad Pitt, at first time she again engaged with Justin Theroux who is actor and screen writer. The news was announced only on last Sunday. Justin Theroux was celebrated his birthday on Friday. He got exciting news and worthless gift from his girl friend that she accepted his proposal. The people magazine told that the couples both committed in the movie named Wanderlust was started in the month of 2011.The Hollywood star Pitt was already married with Aniston in the year of 2000, but their marriage got divorced within 5 years at the year 2005. Because Pitt has unfaithful in Aniston character and he committed with Hollywood star Jolie. Aniston rose was acting with Rachel in one comedy named friends starting in the year 1994.In that role she got many awards, named golden globe award and Emmy. She also gave some successful films named “The good girl”, “she’s the one”, etc. At last February, she had received on Hollywood walk of the fame, for her achievement and talent.

Angelina Marriage Postpone To Next Weekend

The 37 years old Angelina Jolie and Brad pit were secretly arranging for their marriage in this weekend. Due to some inconvenience, the mayor of village named Michael Latz announced to postpone their wedding to next Saturday. Because, next Saturday is more likely day for the correns and also there is no planning for their marriage in this weekend. The guest list includes George Clooney, jeweler designer Robert procop are created Jolie’s engagement ring in both diamond and platinum. Their engagement was bring to know long back in the month of April, but they have six children with them. Their names are Maddox at the age of 11, Pax age of 8, Zahara age of 7, Shiloh age of 6 and the 3 years twins named Vivienne, Knox. They told that children’s are more important for their life and they will not stress themselves for their work. Under the government law, the couples who going to marry at the place of town hall, there is no path to get marry in their own homes itself.

The Bourne Legacy , New Box Office Hit Of Hollywood

The newly released “The Bourne Legacy”, directed by Tony Gilroy has crossed an amount of $40.3 million in its release. The film has Jeremy Renner, which has efficient competitors “The Campaign” grossed amount of $27.4 million and “Hope Springs” gained $15.6 million in their opening weekend. Apart from these, there are also London Olympics happening all around, which doesn’t affect the success of “The Bourne Legacy”.  Though the movie picked up late in the earlier stages, but as soon the Olympics reached its climax, there was a huge turn around in people moving towards theaters. Universal Pictures, though expected the turnover around $45 million was happy with output profits. Both “The Bourne Legacy” and “Campaign” have brought the ranks of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” to 3. Moreover, it was Renner’s first appearance as lead actor and Gilroy was the new director in Bourne Legacy series who has turned from writer to director. The production team was quite happy with the happenings and they expect much more to come from worldwide market overseas.

Arnold Having Fun By Having Ride In New Cable Car

After the eve of London Olympics 2012, Hollywood’s terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger was found in London along with Boris Johnson. Arnold, who was excited to be in London, was on the move with cable car where James Bond and Where Eagles Dare have an outstanding ride over River Thames. Though, Boris was suspended at Sunday afternoon, he somehow managed to share his time with the former governor from California. Meanwhile, it was reported that Arnold was in the UK capital, to promote his new venture “The Expendables 2” who has watched Olympics basketball match featured the USA and Spain. The cable care was opened it service in June, which has helped in carrying 20000 people every day to the London games. London Mayor has stated that no citizen will want to vote a person who has related to publicly exposed zip wire. Meanwhile, Arnold has expressed his willingness to visit London and he was amazed to be there at the Olympics.

Lucy Hale Expressed Her Eating Disorders

The 23-year old Lucy Hale has expressed her health problem in her recent interview in Cosmopolitan, September issue. The reality star who featured in the show “American Juniors” at the age of 14, has expressed her health problems in a candid interview. She states to a magazine that she will be able to live without eating for days. She also adds that she will eat few fruits before going to gym, where she spends nearly 3 hours. Soon, she realized that there was a problem within her body and it changed gradually as time passes. Earlier, the same problem was faced by Judy Garland and Karen Carpenter, who faced eating disorders in their life. It affected their body image, which results in Anorexia reducing food intake in human body. There are also celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Tracey Gold, Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole who faced similar food disorder issues. This particular issue has demolished most celebrities to lose their skin and structure, thus affecting their fame among audiences.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kristen Stewart Has Occupied The Number One Position In The Forbes List

Kristen Stewart has grabbed the umpteen numbers of fans by the movie Twilight. She has occupied the top position in the list of highest paid actress. Hollywood reports have discovered that 22 year old actress has earned $34.5 million as salary for the year (May 2011 to May 2012). Kristen Stewart has edged out the Angelina Jolie, who was announced as winner for the last year. She has pushed Angelina to the position of four in the list. Kristen has gained more money from the movie Twilight. The Huntsman and Snow White have also increased the credit value of her financial account. Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock and Charlie Theron are the other Hollywood actresses, who have occupied the top slot in the Forbes list.  Cameron Diaz has reached the number two position. Her annual income has calculated as $34 million. Third position in the list has occupied by the actress Sandra Bullock and her income for the year is $24 million.

The Dark Knight Rises Has Reached The Top Position In The UK Charts

Dark Knight is the favorite superhero for the people of Hollywood. Incredible success of the movie The dark Knight has paved the way for the sequel The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is the director of the movie. The script of the movie has written by the Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Director has filmed the movie with the genre of both superhero and action. The movie has released as the breathtaking finale for the batman’s series. The first version of the movie has received positive reviews from the spectators. Hence, audiences had huge expectations on the film The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale has played the role of the Batman. Strange science fiction scripts and performance of Batman are the prime reason for the success of the movie. Maximum of film industries have rated the movie as number one. In the same way UK chart has given the number one position to the movie. Within ten days the movie has earned the amount of Euro 1.8 million.

Box Office Of Bourne Legacy Has Edged Out The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has released with the direction of Christopher Nolan. After the release of two weeks the film has reached the top position in the charts of US and Uk. Ton Gilory has directed the movie The Bourne Legacy. The important role of the movie has played by the popular actors like Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner. Action is the genre of the movie. During the first weekend of the release, the movie has travelled in the success path somewhat in parallel to the The Dark Knight Rises. The earning of the movie has estimated as $14 million, which is one million less than that of The Dark Knight Rises earning. In the opening weekend it has earned around $41 million. At the end of this weekend (11 Aug 2012), the Bourne Legacy beats the earning of the Christopher movie. According to the box office, The Bourne Legacy is leading The Dark Knight Rises.

Bruce Willis Has Planned To Visit India

Walter Bruce Willis is the popular actor of the Hollywood. People can never forget the thrilling stunts of Bruce in the movie Die Hard. Sources of Bruce have said that he is planning to visit India on September. He will be land in Delhi and later he will be expected to visit Jaipur for official meetings. Bruce has scheduled the date in the month of September for the India tour. Official meeting is the prime requirement for his visit to the India according to the reports. At the same time he also has plan to shoot some scenes for the upcoming movies. After visiting Jaipur, he is expecting to concentrate on his career. A close source of the actor has said that still he didn’t decided to meet to cities of India other than Delhi and Jaipur. Fire With Fire, The Expendables 2, Looper, The Cold Light Of Day, A Good Day To Die Hard and G.I Joe Retaliation are the upcoming films of the Bruce.

Mystery Of Number 33 For Tom Cruise And His Wives

People can ever forget the handsome and successful actor of the Hollywood Tom Cruise. Reporters of Hollywood have discovered the interesting mystery of number 33 in the life path of the actor. Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Mimi Roges are three former wives of Tom. He has desperate from his wives at their age of 33. It can be the strange news spreading over the people of Hollywood. Tom has started his marriage life with Mini Rogers. At the age of 31, she has joined her with hands with Tom Cruise as his wife. Her age was 33, when she was filed the divorce lawsuit to split from Tom Cruise. Later, he married an Australian actress Nicole Kidman. The couple had strong relationship for ten years. Finally, their relationship has ended up during Nicole age of 33. Tom has married the actress of Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes. He has married Katie at her age of 28. When she was at the age of 33, she has filed the divorce to break up the relationship with Tom. It is very difficult to determine strange actions of 33 in Tom Cruise life.


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