Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming Movies

 West craven's  upcoming movie My soul to Take 2010  will be released on  october 8th.

my soul to take iamge
My soul to take movie

my soul to take movie image
My soul to Take Poster

You may interested in My soul to take movie trailer:
Check out the movie trailer:

 Quarantine movie fame director  John Erick Dowdle's next movie Devil  2010  in theaters on September 17th.

Chris messina's  Devil 2010 poster

 This movie's plot is catchy.Cant wait to see!!!

  Manoj Knight Shyamalan's Story  The Devil 2010  coming soon in theaters
check out the The Devil 2010 trailer here

The much awaited movie The Resident Evil After life 3D  in theaters(india) on 10th September 2010.

Milla jovovich in action

                                          Here is the trailer:

Let me in 2010

The vampire movie in theatres on 1st october 2010.

here is the Trailer:

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