Thursday, July 29, 2010

The inception 2010 -Film

The inception 2010 movie images
The movie inception official banner

The inception 2010 :What a movie It was.........mind blowing.Well made and well acted.The Inception  movie was really amazing.I suggest you all to watch it atleast one time.This movie falls under 
SciFi Thriller.This movie directed by Christopher Nolan.I have seen his movies earlier.The prestige  movie was directed by him only.
The concept of this movie is really good.Very difficult to tackle.But nolan made it so easy.Very risky concept ,story and script is quite complex,The way nolan presented the movie is really cool.Nolan makes it easy to understand.

The inception images
The stunning visuals from The inception movie

Next plus for the movie is Visuals.Stunning visuals throught the film. I think he does better with idea movies rather than plot movies.this movie had some cool and awesome things to look at. So if you are someone who likes visuals but not special effects, which were actually used sparingly in comparison to achieving the same effect, but better, via camera tricks, but visuals—then this movie is worth seeing regardless of other considerations.

The incepton 2010 images
The movie inception
Next Acting,Decaprio does it again.He is the best actor in recent times.I have seen his movie shutter island.He acted really well.After departed movie this inception movie is the best.

Worth Watching My Rating for this movie is 9/10.

Verdict: Excellent Movie.

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