Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vanishing on 7th street

Brad anderson's Movie
    “Vanishing on 7th street"is another masterpiece from the creator of' The Machinist 'and' Transsiberian ', that is Brad Anderson. This film comes with a very interesting concept for a story. It begins with a night in which a court energy that occurs in the city of New York. Yes, this may seem too common, but all the eccentricity that happens when the lights go on again. One would find that everyone is gone. All the victims apparently disappeared leaving only after all her clothes. 

Theatrical poster of Vanishing on 7th street
While the idea of using shadows and unknown to scare the audiences may turn some fans away from the horror, the absence of monsters allows viewers to focus on the characters and their desire to live. Forced to confront their fears of giving up what has always been familiar to them, and the abandonment of hope of finding their loved ones, including his ex-wife Luke, the son of Rosemary baby and the mother of James, the public was left to question what they would do if lost their livelihood suddenly. 

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As a suspenseful film , Brad Anderson is very efficient and he knew how to produce chill to the audience .But Unfortunately all other aspects in this film is a total chaos. With a more attention-grabbing group of characters and actors in the film could have been enormous, but as a substitute squanders its prospective.

Over all this movie is good.

Verdict:Nice horror thriller
Rating: 7/10

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