Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Destination 2011


Final Destination 5 Theatrical poster

     Hello Everyone
               I am going to review the latest horror/thriller flick ,the   5th part of Final Destination directed by steven  quale.As you all aware  that  final destination 5 is sequel to the  the  film Final destination  (2000).
 Presage Paper Company   organized   a business retreat for a  set of employees. While travelling   ,one of  the associate sam had a forewarning  of the bridge being collapsed . he warns  everyone in the bus .  After this disaster, survivors   from  the  bridge collapse being warned by tonny Todd that (The Coroner) death doesn’t like to be cheated, and all the survivors of  the bridge collapse dies one by one  in  a bizarre manner.

Final Destination 5 image

Theatrical wall poster The Final Destination 5 

 To be frank, all the 5 death scenes from this movie is too good.Graphics played  a big role in this movie,director steven quale utilized   it very well  in the 10 minutes sequence of bridge collapse.

Check out the Final Destination 5 Trailer here:

Death scene  from gym was  awesome and nail biting.Propably this is one of the best  horror movies released in the year 2011.Nice to watch  this film in 3D.Certainly this movie is a treat for horror movie lovers.

Verdict : Very good
Rating: 6.0


bunggsu said...

wow,i like this movie

mikexplorer said...

have a happy sunday to you :)


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