Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Has Reached The Top Position In The UK Charts

Dark Knight is the favorite superhero for the people of Hollywood. Incredible success of the movie The dark Knight has paved the way for the sequel The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is the director of the movie. The script of the movie has written by the Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Director has filmed the movie with the genre of both superhero and action. The movie has released as the breathtaking finale for the batman’s series. The first version of the movie has received positive reviews from the spectators. Hence, audiences had huge expectations on the film The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale has played the role of the Batman. Strange science fiction scripts and performance of Batman are the prime reason for the success of the movie. Maximum of film industries have rated the movie as number one. In the same way UK chart has given the number one position to the movie. Within ten days the movie has earned the amount of Euro 1.8 million.

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