Monday, August 2, 2010

Madharasapattinam -2010 Tamil Film Review

Friends.. now its a time for Tamil film Review.Have seen Madharasapattinam movie yesterday.It was too good.There is no masala in this movie.I appreciate the director  Vijay for his tremendous effort.Nice acting by Arya and amy jackson. well scripted and well directed.Art director played a big role in this movie as  story shifts to the year 1947.British cop has done his job well .Late  haneefa also has done a good job.His timing was really good.Cinematography was too good.Cinematographer nirav has done a good job and Art director selva also did well.British governer's daughter  fell in love with ordinary dhobi Arya.

The reason for her love is really not convincing.Director Vijay should have concentrated  on this part.And G.V Prakash's background score was really good.Songs were  average.Songs could have been better.Director didnt utilised nasar properly.He is a veteran actor but his role in this  film   was not attracted,Amy looks good in this movie.,her acting also was good.Art Director selvakumar's effort was good.1947 pre independent era set is notable.1947's  central   station and wall tax road's set was really cool.My rating for this movie is 7/10.
 Verdict: Good movie.
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Saran said...

As of I'm concern this is movie is not up to the mark for the "generated" hipe.. but definitely appreciative for not following the same old Tamil Masala!!

deiva said...

hi saran i agree with your point


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