Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Expendables 2010

The expendables images
Theatrical poster The Expendables movie review
     The Expendables 2010 :Friends,what a combination...imagine Jason statham,Sylvester stallone,Jet Li in one movie.....Action packed movie .The expendables starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone.
Sylvester Stallone
Jason statham 
Jet Li

                                  Trailer-The expendables Movie -in HD

This movie definitely gonna be  treat for  action movie lovers..Action hero sylvester stallone directed this no need to say how this film going to be..

The Expendables 2010 images
ultimate combination

Story Line:
    Mercinaries team including jason statham & jet li travelling to south america for one mission.
This movie falls under Action/Adventure/Thriller genre.
The transporter hero jason statham played a big role in this movie..he is a perfect action hero.Rambo direction is could have been better.Nothing new in this movie...but i can guarantee you guys  that its definitely 100% entertainer.

jason statham 2010 mages
jason statham in Action

 My rating for this movie is 7.5/10.

Verdict:Action packed Entertainer

What are you waiting for?...

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Ardorm79 said...

I've watched it recently. And, what can I say, it is incredible! So much action and cool moves, like at the old good times when Sylvester was young :)

By the way, Sylvester looks so young. I would never give him 60 according to this movie.


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