Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Unstoppable 2010

Unstoppable mages 2010
Denzel and chris pine in action

     Its time for my Favourite actor Denzel Washington's upcoming  Unstoppable 2010  film preview.
Cast :
Denzel washington
Chris pine

Directed By : Tony scott
Release date: 12 November 2010 (USA)

Denzel's previous movie The taking of pelham 123 also directed by Tony scott.Well directed and well made.Tony scott with Denzel washington's partnership proved to be a super hit in earlier movies Dejavu which is released in the year 2006.It was much expected film.Well scripted scientific movie.Unstoppable expected to be released on 12 November 2010.

Denzel washingtom images
Denzel washington in action

Story line:
A rail road engineer (Denzel washington) and young conductor(chris pine) trying to stop the train which  carries liquids  and poisonous gas to wipe out the city.

Trailer :

More Unstoppable Info
tony scott images
Tony scott in Action

unstoppable 2010 pics
Denzel washington
Hope you all enjoyed with the preview.Will come back with some other movie soon.

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